Rolo’s Roundup: Charlotte FC vs. RBNY, 3/25/23

Own goals! We love them when the other team gives them up!

We got a point at home against New York Red Bull and are still riding the positive momentum after last week’s win against Orlando City away. Following the win against Orlando, Coach Lattanzio made three changes from the squad that won 2-1 against Orlando City, including Nathan Byrne taking over the CB spot from Tuiloma due to the latter’s injury.

Lattanzio kept his outside midfielders the same, with Vargas and Gaines
rewarded with a place in the starting lineup. Bronico and Jones held down the midfield. Captain Ashley Westwood was not featured in the match against RBNY as he suffered a thigh injury against Orlando City. Former Benfica academy product Nuno Santos replaced him in the midfield. The last change would be Lattanzio switching to a 4-5-1 over his preferred formation of a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1.

Charlotte vs. RBNY, 3/25, via

The first half left much to be desired as Charlotte was held to only one shot. Red Bulls were able to get the opening goal in the 42nd minute due to a mistake from Byrne, who miscontrolled a back pass. RBNY player Elias Manoel took advantage of this mistake, getting a one-on-one against goalkeeper George Marks. The result was Manoel scoring.

The first-half stats had New York with six shots (four on target) with three leading to saves from Marks. Charlotte held onto most of the possession, having 72% compared to Red Bulls’ 28 %. There was a huge passing disparity between the teams. Charlotte completed 332 passes to Red Bulls’ 125, but went into the break down 1-0.

Charlotte fans needed more from the team in the second half.

The second half was all Charlotte. The home team had more shots, while RBNY parked the bus and gave away sloppy fouls. Charlotte continued its attack on the Red Bulls’ goal. Charlotte’s patience and persistence throughout the match would eventually lead to our reward and us walking away with a point intact.

Kerwin Vargas proved his worth throughout the match. He seemed to be directly involved with every opportunity at goal and broke the lines of the Red Bull defense. Vinicius Mello finally made his debut 467 days after signing for Charlotte FC as a sub in the 68th minute. The match immediately felt his presence as he was able to take on his defender in the seventy-third minute and whip in a ball to the left side and the feet of Vargas. Vargas took on his defender and hit a cross that deflected off of RBNY defender, Andrés Reyes, for an own goal.

The game ended at 1-1.


  • I want more pressure on our opponents when they are shooting. RBNY was prone to shooting from long-range (see the long-range efforts from Luquinhas (82) in the 7th and 38th minutes as examples).
  • I need more communication among the defenders. For example, in the 48th minute, Cameron Harper got off a shot at our goal due to miscommunication between the left-back and the left-sided center-back.This miscommunication led Byrne into a tough choice about whether or not to go towards the attacking player, which ultimately led to a dangerous chance for New York.
  • Copetti…I don’t think I like my striker to have as many yellows as they do goals. I can appreciate the fact that he’s hungry, and it show’s that he’s passionate about getting the ball, but he can’t keep getting baited into silly challenges. Already he’s at a point where if he gets two more, he’ll miss a game.
  • Kerwin Vargas is looking to make his place in the Starting XI permanent. On his day, he’s unplayable. He can do wonders in his one on one play, which opens up the opportunities for Copetti to receive crosses in the middle or Gaines to receive at the back post.
  • Man of the Match goes to two players this week: Kerwin Vargas and George Marks. Both players were pivotal in getting this result. Marks provided a crucial stop in the 48th minute that could have led to us being down 2-0. On the day, he made 5 saves, had 1 punch, and completed 37/42 passes. Vargas, on the other hand, provided us with the attack we needed. He was able to effectively get up the field and drew 4 fouls. He also led the team with 8 crosses.

Game Moments

Charlotte FC vs. RBNY highlights, 3/25
  • Vargas cross (leading to Bronico decoy and Gaines’ shot): 0:42- 0:52
  • Vargas free kick attempt: 6:15-6:20
  • Vargas build up leading to own goal: 5:00- 5:13
  • Red Bull Goal: 2:12-2:27
    • Red Bull shots: 0:39-0:42, 1:16- 1:25, 1:55- 2:00, 3:30-3:43, 6:38- 6:46